FIBREE’s 5th Edition Industry Report Reveals an All-time High for Blockchain Uses in Real Estate

The Blockchain Real Estate Summit has partnered with FIBREE to introduce you to the global scale of real estate on the blockchain as of 2023, featuring FIBREE’s 2023 Industry Report of hundreds of real estate and blockchain companies paving the way for the industry.

Today marks the launch of the 5th annual FIBREE Industry Report, showcasing the 2023 results of unparalleled, extensive, and globally expansive research on the implementation of blockchain technology in the construction and real estate sector. The new FIBREE report has a vast array of research papers that cover various topics, including circular economy, corporate governance and Web 3. Within its Country Pages, it sheds light on the progress of international blockchain hubs for real estate. This year’s Product Database introduces brand-new categories and lists an impressive 690 entries, showing substantial growth across all continents.

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The 18 featured articles in this year’s report are written by industry leaders from around the world. These articles demonstrate the diverse range of use cases and aim to inspire entrepreneurs and researchers alike. For the first time, FIBREE is releasing its report in a dynamic web-based format, providing instant access to the articles in over 40 languages through browser translation.

Last year’s FIBREE Industry Report was featured at the Blockchain Real Estate Summit 2022 live for in-person and online attendees to learn about the substantial innovations taking place in the real estate sector with the integration of blockchain technology.

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This year’s Product Database registered a record-breaking number of products. With a staggering 45% increase, the database now holds 690 products worldwide, reaching an all-time high. The category “Investing and Financing Real Estate” remains the largest, boasting 312 products that have tokenized a total of $200 million in real estate value worldwide. Additionally, two new product categories, Metaverse and Web3, have been introduced this year, both making an impressive start with 32 and 26 registrations, respectively. The top five most applied uses of blockchain in real estate this year are: Invest & Finance (312 products, 45%), Markets & Platforms (120, 17%), Building Technologies (63, 9%), Transactions & Escrow (50, 7%), and Metaverse (32, 5%).
The role of real estate as a safe haven investment for cryptocurrency holders during exchange bankruptcies, presented by FIBREE.

This year’s report mentions Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC (Liberty Fund) as one of the trailblazing innovators bringing blockchain and real estate together. Liberty Fund is the world’s first Single Tenant Net Lease Fund (“Bonds wrapped in Real Estate”), merging over three decades of institutional real estate investment expertise with cutting-edge blockchain technology that offers a unique combination of stability and innovation. By acquiring Single-Tenant Net-Leased properties within key sectors such as auto service, medical, dental, and essential businesses, Liberty Real Estate Fund delivers dependable cash flow, remarkable liquidity, and tax-efficient income. This pioneering approach ensures investors benefit from diversification across geographies and industries, leveraging the credit strength of tenants and the intrinsic value of tangible assets, resulting in a globally accessible portfolio of high-potential Single Tenant Net Lease properties in thriving US markets. Liberty Fund has also been a major supporter of the Blockchain Real Estate Summit as a sponsor for the 2021 and 2022 summits that wereheld in Austin, Texas, with over 200 in-person and online attendees.

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The updated Country Pages in the new report highlight the ongoing geographical expansion of blockchain technology adoption in the construction and real estate sector. FIBREE’s product database now represents a remarkable 67 countries, with 47 countries experiencing an increase in the number of products and only 6 seeing a decrease. The USA witnessed the most substantial growth in the number of products last year, while Singapore, Spain, India, and UAE also experienced significant growth. However, the Netherlands saw the most significant decrease.

In this year’s FIBREE report, two cities are crowned as the new international hubs for blockchain products in real estate: New York, the undisputed leader since the inception of this annual research, now shares this prestigious title with the City of London, with each city boasting 41 products.

FIBREE’s Mission For Real Estate On Blockchain

FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise, was established in July 2021 as a non-profit organization with a clear vision. FIBREE’s mission is to accelerate the integration of blockchain technology within the real estate industry and tangible assets by advocating Web3 principles. Additionally, FIBREE is committed to offering education, networking, and research opportunities to professionals and businesses looking to leverage the advantages of blockchain technology.

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Over the last 5 years, the organization has expanded into a worldwide network, with a strong presence across all continents. Presently, there are 75 regional chairs representing FIBREE in 34 countries. The organization’s growth is further fueled by a fast-growing number of Corporate and Private members. Collectively with these corporate members, the organization has reached a vast global network of over 250,000 dedicated professionals specializing in web3, blockchain, real estate, or construction.

The Blockchain Real Estate Summit “Put Your Money Where Your Impact Is -- and Have No Doubt About It with a Distributed Ledger Technology”. 3 Roland H. Farhat, (2022).  FIBREE.
These dedicated professionals have diverse backgrounds, including expertise in blockchain/IT development, legal expertise, governmental institutions and academic or corporate research. By offering an exclusive online community platform, FIBREE facilitates the exchange of expertise, considerations, and best practices among its corporate and private members. In doing so, FIBREE establishes itself as the premier global professional network in this niche market, fostering interactions between experts and other leaders in the industry.

The key factors that set FIBREE apart are its Academic Advisory Board and the various specific topic-oriented global Working Groups it hosts. These entities work in tandem to establish comprehensive and practical patterns, allowing the real estate market to gradually discover and capitalize on the true potential of blockchain technology.

In line with its mission, FIBREE frequently partners with event organizers to disseminate top-tier content from pioneering leaders to audiences both on a global and local scale.

Access the FIBREE Industry Report 2023

Examples Of Blockchain Uses in the Real Estate & Construction Industry

Invest & Finance (312)

  • Fragmented investing with tokens representing a stake in an SPV that owns the property, often compounding returns by directly reinvesting returns from rental income
  • Raising equity to get a yet-to-be-completed property development funded faster

Markets & Platforms (120)

  • Markets on which real estate tokens can be traded
  • Markets for capturing data about buildings, for example to drive smart contracts

Building Technologies (63)

  • White label solutions, e.g. for tokenizing property
  • Enhanced data exchange solutions

Transactions & Escrow(50)

  • Registering rental, purchase or supplier contracts
  • Execution and administration of payment transactions

Metaverse (32)

  • Virtual Home Owners Association in property development
  • Virtual shops, meeting spaces, leisure arenas

Manage & Operate (31)

  • Digital Twins, Digital Building Logbooks and Material Passports
  • Certifying and aggregating data for reporting and disclosure, steering of smart contracts purposes

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