Our Speaker Lineup

September 26–28, 2023 | Online

Remy Jacobson

CEO & Co-Founder of RealT

Claus Skaaning

CEO & Co-Founder of DigiShares

Julian Kwan

CEO & Co-Founder of InvestaX and IX Swap

Michael Flight

The Godfather of Blockchain Real Estate

Jo Bronckers

President of FIBREE

Yael Tamar

CEO & Co-Founder of SolidBlock

Tyler J. Harttraft, Esq.

Partner at Bull Blockchain Law

Pat LaVecchia

CEO of Oasis Pro Markets

Natalia Karayaneva

Founder & CEO of Propy

Sanjeev Birari

Founder & CBO of Tassets

Denis Petrovcic

Co-Founder & Board Member of FIBREE

Alexander Rapatz

Founding & Managing Partner of Black Manta Capital Partners

Ron Quaranta

Chairman & CEO of The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Cristina Campian

Vice President of FIBREE

Christoph Urbanek

Partner at Schindler Attorneys

Alec Beckman

Director of Digital Assets at Infineo

Adam Carswell

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Gabriela Roberto Baró

Co-Founder of Nash21

Erik Meltzer

Co-Founder of Plutus Properties

Courtney Moeller

Co-Founder & CEO of Invest On Main

Todd Miller

VP, Business Development and Partnerships at ChromaWay

Eni Shtini

Co-Founder & CEO of T-Blocks

Harold Heard

Founder & CEO of A Real Blockchain Solution

Nathan Wosnack

Founder & CEO of Ubitquity

Santiago Cabezas-Castellanos

CEO of Datacasas PropTech

Anniina Saari

Doctoral Researcher at Aalto University

Antonio Enache

CEO & Founder of SENSE4FIT

Chip Ridge

President at Millennial Title

Andres Dovale

CLO at Cooperativ.io

Maurice Crespi

Partner at Schindler’s Attorneys

Viktor Viktorov


Lee Bratcher

Founder & President of the Texas Blockchain Council

Mohammed Mahfoudh

CEO & Founder of Deca4 Advisory

Daniel Coheur

Co-Founder & CCO of Tokeny

Emil Stoyanov

CTO of ReCheck

Mohsin Masud

Founder & CEO of AKRU

Sanyika “Sam” Coon

Co-Founder & COO of NFTGamer.TV

Laura Pamatian

Founder of HeightZero Real Estate & Consulting

John Dean Markunas

Board Member & State of Florida Chapter Chair at FIBREE

Achim Jedelsky

Co-Founder & Board Member of FIBREE

Makram Hani

Board Member & Regional Chair, Dubai, of FIBREE

Rubens Neistein

Board Member of FIBREE

Walter Strametz

Treasurer of FIBREE

Jacob Chase-Lubitz

Founder of Cooperativ Labs

Kevin O'Grady

Director of Kognitive

Matthieu Merchadou

Co-Founder & CEO of Magma

Leandro Pamplona

Founding Partner of Bonetti, Krugen & Pamplona Advogados Associados

Marcus Bourn

Co-Founder of SOUSTA

Simon Duindam

CFO of Block Materials

Arnab Naskar

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of STOKR

Mark Dencker

Head of Blockchain of DigiShares

Garrett Krause

Chairman & CEO of WorldVest

Sid Powell

CEO & Co-Founder of Maple Finance

Jason Fishman

Co-Founder CEO of Digital Niche Agency

Pablo Maffei

CEO & Co-Founder of Briken

Andres Assmus

Board Member of FIBREE

Roland H. Farhat

Regional Chair, Frankfurt, at FIBREE

Jeison Quraitem

Founder of Ynvest

Alastair Caithness

CEO of Energy Tokens & Ziyen Energy

Luke Chmiel

Business Development Lead, Institutions & Capital Markets, at Ava Labs / Avalanche

Henry Chong

Founder and CEO of Fusang

Enrique Suarez

Co-Founder & CEO of MountX Real Estate Capital

Glen Jordan

Co-Founder of Empowa

Evangelos Lianos

Co-Founder, Business Development & Regulatory, of STOmaker

Andrew Bull

Founding Partner of Bull Blockchain Law

Natanel Eisenberg

Founder & CEO of ConsumerBreak

Jonathan Mickles

Managing Member of Red Boot LLC

Axel von Goldbeck

Regional Coordinator, D-A-CH, of FIBREE
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Past Speakers

Stephane De Baets

Founder Elevated Returns LLC,
Aspencoin, SPV77

Robert Helms

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show
Secrets Of Successful Syndication

Michael Flight

Co-Founder & CEO,
Liberty Real Estate Found

Mohsin Masud


Ryan Zega

Associate Director

Alexander Rapatz

Black Manta

Pat LaVecchia

CEO and Co-Chairman of
Oasis Pro Markets

Lee Bratcher

Founder & President
Blockchain Council

Barry Finkelstein

Head of North American Business

Darcy Van Orden

Chief Revenue Officer

Viktor Viktorov


Baxter Hines CFA

Co-Founder and CIO
Honeycomb Digital Investments

Remy Jacobson

Managing Member

Vernon J. Short


Ben Suttles

Disrupt Equity

Darin Davis

Principal, Co-founder
Presario Ventures

Kirill Mishanin

Infodriver Capital

Panchum Gupta

Mesos Capital

James Row

Managing Partner, Founder, CEO
Entoro & 1transfer

Jen Katsev

Performance Coach, Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

Mat Sorenson

Co-Founder of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company

Christopher Nelson

Co-founder, Principal
Wealthward Capital

Ganga Tarwady

Performance Coach &
Real Estate Syndicator

Christian Platzer

Co-founder & Managing Partner of Black Manta Capital Partners

Laurent Chemla

Co-founder & Chairman of

Chris Lesak

CEO/ Founder
Blackhawk Equity, LLC

Kara Howard

Partner – Business Development,
MBD Solutions

Samuel F. Grossman

Managing Director,
Real Estate Services

Steven Baum


Keith Meyer

Symphony Capital Group

Michael Carpentier

Co-founder, CEO
Vesta Equity

Dave Hendricks

Founder, CEO

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